Januar 9

Increasing acceptance in the retail trade

The next item in our list of opportunities for 2019 is closely linked to the previous one. This is because confirmation times of ten to 60 minutes are sensational for international value transfers, but too long for retailers.

The exciting thing about the news spy:

Despite this obvious shortcoming, acceptance in the news spy sector is rising continuously: https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/the-news-spy/According to Sonny Singh, CEO at BitPay, a crypto payment service provider, we see „a large increase“ in merchants who accept Bitcoin.

A real game changer, however, would be the confirmation of the rumour that Bitcoin is about to be accepted by Amazon. The world’s largest mail-order company could significantly boost the adoption on its own. Whether it will be 2019 is still in the stars.

Until then we remain vigilant and study coinmap.org carefully. There are already many shops in Germany that accept crypto currencies like Bitcoin.


The token thing is. After ICOs, well, are dead for now, a new rising star shows up in the night sky: Security Token. The new, polished version of Token Sales is supposed to polish up the tarnished image of crypto financing. It lowers market barriers, reduces transaction costs and offers entrepreneurs an accessible and easily implemented model for raising capital.

In contrast to the often flimsy value promises of utility token offerings, security tokens are basically compatible with traditional concepts of ownership and are therefore not in a regulatory no-man’s-land.

In 2019 we will not see a reissue of the ICO hype from 2017 – and that is good news. Rather, start-ups can use the experience gained from the ICO bubble to build more sustainable concepts for token sales and give this concept of raising capital a new boost. The markets are maturing.

Decentralized Exchanges
Mt. Gox proved one thing to us: With „no single point of failure“ it is not very far away when crypto investors have their assets on the stock markets. Then there is a single point of failure: the exchange itself. To put it even more drastically, in the crypto ecosystem, exchanges are the weakest link in the chain. If they are hacked, the total loss of all crypto finds deposited there is not uncommon.

But salvation is at hand. In 2018, reports of the progressive development of decentralized exchanges became more frequent. 2019 could be the year of implementation. This would be an opportunity for Crypto, as it comes much closer to the ideal of a decentralized, censorship-resistant world than in the current ecosystem.

Binance DEX Preview 2
Watch this video on YouTube.
Candidates to keep in mind during this development are 0x, the Binance DEX and the Bithumb DEX.

For more details and a brief introduction to the fabulous world of decentralized exchanges, click here.

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